Racer/Cruiser Definitions


Membership in PHRF Galveston Bay is required to be a member of the PHRF Racer Cruiser Fleet. PHRF Galveston Bay rating certificates are required. The Spinnaker rating will be used by this fleet. USSA and PHRF rules apply.

This fleet is intended for medium and heavy displacement dual purpose production yachts.


Any self-righting keel boat with a cabin, sleeping accommodations, cooking facilities & head. Yachts that are considered to be ultra-light or racing under a one design rating rule will not be eligible. Final eligibility determination will be at the discretion of the fleet's captain or the race committee.

The Sail Area to Displacement ratio (SA/D) shall be less than or equal to 19.0.

The Displacement to Length ratio (D/L) shall be greater than or equal to 150.0.


Sail Area: SA =

Units: Displacement is given in pounds. Dimensions I, J, P, E and |w| are given in feet. These inputs may be obtained from manufacturer's literature, a certified PHRF measurer, a certified scale or IMS certificate at the discretion of PHRF-GB.