PHRF Non-Spinnaker Fleet Rules


Membership in PHRF Galveston Bay is required to be a member of the PHRF Non-Spinnaker Fleet. PHRF Galveston Bay rating certificates are required. The Non-Spinnaker rating will be used by this fleet. USSA and PHRF rules apply, except as noted below.


1. Maximum pole length is 100% of "J" dimension. A telescoping pole may be used, but it must be used at the proper length. Telescoping poles should be banded at maximum length to avoid protests.

2. Pole lifts and downhauls may be used.

3. Only one whisker pole may be used at a time.

4. A permanent club-footed jib or staysail boom, as long as it is less than "J" length, is not considered a whisker pole.


1. Spinnakers, Cruising Spinnakers, Flashers, Bloopers, Gennakers, etc. are not allowed.

2. Drifter or Reacher type sails are allowed as long as they are smaller than the largest measured headsail, and are attached periodically along the forestay.

3. Two headsails may not be carried at the same time, except that while changing headsails, the replacing sail may be set and trimmed before the replaced sail is lowered.

4. Staysails are not allowed except on yachts that are provided with a permanent inner forestay that the staysail is hanked onto.

PHRF Cruising Canvas Fleet Rules


PHRF Cruising Canvas Fleet Rules are the same as shown above for the Non-Spinnaker Fleet except as noted below.

A skipper may enter one event without a PHRF Galveston Bay certificate and be issued a provisional rating by the fleet’s captain. A skipper must have applied for a PHRF certificate before entering a second event.


Any self-righting keel boat with a cabin, sleeping accommodations, cooking facilities & head. Yachts that are considered to be ultra-light or racing one designs will not be eligible. Eligibility will be at the discretion of the fleet’s captain or the race committee.


  1. Only Dacron sails may be used.