Light Ship Condition

Boats shall be measured dry in light ship condition without crew, which as defined in details in IMS Rule E2. Items on board include:

    • Internal ballast

    • Batteries

    • Fixed interior accommodation, hatch covers and floor boards

    • Fixed machinery, electrical and plumbing systems

    • Mast, boom, spinnaker pole and any sprit

    • Standing rigging and fittings

    • Rudder, wheel/tiller and steering gear

    • Fixed electronics, instruments, compasses, lights, antennas and masthead devices

    • Pulpit, stanchions and lifelines

    • Mattresses and permanently installed table and doors

    • Permanently installed stoves, heaters or other electrical devises

Specifically excluded from the measurement trim are the following:

    • Water and any liquid contents of any tanks or voids in the keel or other appendages

    • Anchor and anchor lines

    • Deck and mooring lines

    • Any sails, including storm and emergency sails

    • Sheets, blocks, winch handles

    • All portable safety gear

    • Cushions, pillows and any other bedding

    • Cooking and eating utensils

    • Any food or stores

    • Miscellaneous portable and personal gear, books, navigational tools etc.

An easy explanation of lightship measurement trim would be that if the boat is rotated upside down, everything that falls out shall not be on board.