Obtain Certificate


    1. Go to the Offshore Racing Congress website at www.orc.org

    2. Select “Ratings” and then “On Line ORC Club Application”

    3. Complete the application as thoroughly as possible. Best sources of information are, in order of quality:

    • Information from a fully measured sister ship’s certificate found in the ORC Certificates of the Sailor Services section of the website.

    • PHRF Certificates

    • Sailmaker’s measurements

    • Product literature from the builder.

    • Default data from the ORC data base will be used for measurements not provided.

    1. Submit the application, and you will receive a Test Certificate from ORC via email.

    2. If all of the information on the Test Certificate is correct, respond with approval of the certificate on line.

    3. After approval of the Test Certificate, ORC will send a link to the US Sailing payment site at www.orc.org/USA. The fee is $100 for US Sailing members and $160 for non-members.

    4. After payment is made, the official ORC Club will be sent via email, and it will be posted to the ORC website.


After an official ORC Club certificate has been received, some owners may wish to have their boats measured to confirm displacement and any other dimensions they are uncertain of. Measurement of boats in the Galveston Bay area will be conducted by the PHRF-GB committee on a quarterly basis.

If you wish to have your boat measured:

    1. Contact info@phrfgb.com and request that the boat the measured.

    2. Depending on the number of boats requesting measurement and the weather conditions, boats will either be measured on their slip or at a central location.

    3. Only boats in “LIGHT SHIP” condition can be measured. Review the information under the tab for Light Ship Condition.

    4. Measurement fee is $50.00. Please bring a check payable to “PHRF-GB”.

Following a measurement session, the information will be forwarded to ORC, and a revised certificate will be issued.